Ingredients :

1/2 chicken (500 g), cunt into 6 parts
2 tablespoons (50g) Kokita Basic Seasoning C
2 salam leaves (similar to bay leaf), 1 piece of ginger, crushed
1 piece of lemon grass, crushed
2 tablespoons cooking oil, for sautéing
500 ml thick coconut milk made from 1 coconut
2 tablespoons Kokita Fried Shallot
A suitable amount of salt, sugar

Method :

  1. Sauté Kokita Basic Seasoning C, salam leaves, lemon grass, ginger, and chicken. Simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. Add thick coconut milk, salt, and sugar. Simmer over medium heat, and boil down.

Serve with Kokita Fried Shallot sprinkled over..
For 2-4 servings

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